Friday, January 09, 2009

Headline DS - "Dressed For The Dance"

"Dressed For The Dance" is from the DC Examiner for January 9, 2009. When I think "dance," I think "love is a battlefield." Go Pat Benatar!

So this really happened to me, except I was the idiot not dressed properly. In highschool, my Junior year Homecoming dance fell on Halloween. Being the creative soul that I am, I thought it would be fun to come dressed as a pimp. I got my disco bell bottoms, an awesome big collared shirt, fake gold chains, and a giant fake afro. I was all set to go. I drive on over to my date's house. She opens the door and she's standing there in a gorgeous evening gown, hair all perfect, makeup all done. And there's me. Looking like a complete idiot. What's worse? I was the only, ONLY, person dressed in costume at the dance.

Man, my highschool was full of stuffy people.

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