Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Monkey King Sketch 2

Another shot at a proper Monkey King. This one is a little more monkey. But I'm still not happy. Face is too big and not flat enough. Ah well.

Headline DS - "Kaine Sees Rough 2009"

"Kaine Sees Rough 2009" comes from the Examiner for December 31, 2008. Kind of whimsical, but the image of Citizen Kane sitting on Rosebud at the bottom of a HUGE jump popped into my head.

Angry Zen Tubes!

I've been sorely neglecting this little blog but I actually have been drawing quite a bit. I've started doing some sketching on my DS on my way into work and uploading the videos to YouTube. Just hooked up my account to this blog so we'll see if the auto updates work.