Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Frog Eats Monkey WIP – Clear Casting

Got some transparent resin with some dyes just to mess around with. The darker one in the background is what you get when you put too many drops of die into the mix. It's been four days since I cast it and it still hasn't set solid. The dye totally changed the chemical composition of the mix so I don't think it'll ever cure properly. But good to know that the dye is super strong.

The version in the foreground I didn't even bother putting in any more dye because there was some residual red in the mixing cup. Turned out fantastically red! It also shows off all the flaws in the rubber mold. I'm gonna sand it all down and fill the holes with super glue and see if I can polish it up smooth. But I think eventually, I'm going to have to pour another mold and work on getting the bubbles out either with a vacuum chamber or vibrate the bubbles out.


ichimitch said...

would be super grateful if you could post a link to some kind of DIY info on this kind of thing... I would love to know more! Or just the name of the craft so I can google

Jamie Noguchi said...


This site helped me a lot with casting and moulding.

Jamie Noguchi said...

I should make that a linky, http://madebytesselate.com/guides/