Friday, June 18, 2010

Frog Eats Monkey – Sculpting

I've been kind of anxious to design my own toy line so I've decided to just go ahead and do it.

I started this thing months ago and am just now getting back around to finishing it. The base is milliput which is a two-part epoxy putty that dries hard as granite and is terribly hard to work with. The white stuff is magic sculpt which is much easier to carve with a knife. And the yellow stuff is mori mori putt, a two-part putty that is easy to carve and sand and is just so much fun to work with. I've heard of it for years and only now have started to use it. Believe the hype. The shit is amazing!

A little more sanding, some hole filling, some more sanding, and maybe a coat of primer here or there and then it's mold making time.

Say hello to Frog Eats Monkey.

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